Monday, February 25, 2013

Pointless Review - #1

Chapter 320 : Fierce Lightning

The story so far, Natsu, Mirajane, Lucy, Wendy are facing the Garou knights again, They defeat them the first time, but now they seems stronger. Next we have, Minerva vs. Erza here. And then there is Lyon x Chelia vs. Gray x Juvia. Lastly, Laxus vs. Jura. 

My Review : Garou Knights

For me, the Garou Knights are not really necessary though, I hope Natsu and the gang beat them quickly, I don't want the manga to focuses on the Garou Knights, it's so ain't fun. And even Mirajane hasn't activate her Sitri form. 

My Review : Erza vs. Minerva

No joke, but I hate Minerva so damn much, okay. The first time she appears, she already pisses me off. And the fact she almost killed Lucy and she stabs Kagura, pisses me off even more. Like, I don't care but Erza NEEDS to win. I don't know how, she just has to. If Erza loses to her, I'm gonna break something, man. 

My Review : Laxus vs. Jura

One word, Epic. I personally don't care who won, I just want some epic battles you know. I hope Laxus won because you know, he's unpredictable. And Jura never loses before on battle, I think it'd be great seeing Laxus winning this time.

- P.S Ain't gonna be reviewing Gruvia vs. Chelyon (?) because I don't like both OTPs-
Another Pointless Review, idk why am I doing this, I don't even like writing
 reviews. LOL.


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