Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pointless Review #2

Hello! Another Pointless Review by Me! Today, or more likely, right now, I'd like to make reviews about the current-ongoing arc which is Grand Magic Games, pretty much just like Edolas arc, this arc is kinda twisted, it focuses on two things (e.g. Grand Magic Games and Eclipse Plan). I do love this arc since a lot of new characters are introduced, and there are some new interesting magic which kinda cool and unique!


The arc started with a cool mysterious theory that master Makarov shows Gildarts, called Lumen Histoire, it says to be Fairy Tail's biggest secret. Written by master Mavis Vermillion and only the guild masters know what's inside.

I'm cool with the idea that Fairy Tail is below-ranked guild in Fiore and there is this new guild called 'Sabertooth' which is the number one guild in Fiore. The fact that Porlyusica is the Edolas version of Grandine shocked me that much though. Anyways, I love to see Ultear, Jellal, and Meredy again! They formed this new guild called Crime Sorciere, and Ultear's & Meredy's appearance are way better now! 

Ultear's second origin made Team Fairy Tail stronger obviously! That's a great idea to keep the story going. AND FOR MY FAVORITE PART OF THIS ARC IS 'JERZA'. Yes. BEST MOMENT EVER. One does not simply not shipping Jerza. I mean they are meant to be together okay. 

They should've kissed, man. Moving on to the games arc, I love how it starts with people boo-ing Fairy Tail. I mean, they just don't know it yet. The true power of Fairy Tail. I love it, until the first fight began. Lucy vs. Flare. 

HAHA, first time I saw Flare and I hate her already, ok moving on, blah blah blah. Mirajane vs. Jenny was seriously EPIC. Now to the topic I hate. MINERVA. Since the first appearance of Minerva, I hated her already, like why she has to be such a b.? 
MPF is probably my favorite events though, Fairy Glitter is so cool! Haha, And another fact that master Mavis is watching the games is great though, and she is so 'cute' when she cries :3

Gonna skip some part, Natsu-Gajeel vs. Sting-Rogue is seriously double-triple epic. I don't really like it that they this arc also involves Zeref and such. Idk if Eclipse Plan is a great idea or no. Garou Knights are so lame, I hope they don't waste a lot of time on them, just kill them or something smh. 
Gray vs. Rufus, I think Gray has a really great strategy though. I love him! 
Erza vs. Kagura vs. Minerva, I cried though when Erza reveals she is from Rosemary village and tell Kagura that 'her weakness' kills Simon.

-cries- This moment made me cry, seriously. No joke, and Kagura has such a gold heart to help Erza afterwards, but guess who just ruined the moment? Yeah you guessed right..

Like seriously, Minerva? You HAVE to ruin this moment too? IDK man. Erza really needs to beat Minerva okay. Jura vs. Laxus is interesting though, but what's not interesting is this whole 'future' Lucy concepts. I just don't like it. The arc is great though, the mysteries about dragons, Lumen Histoire, One magic or Zeref are slowly been revealed, I hope this shall be an interesting arc!

Overall Rating : 7.9/10


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