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Story Arcs



Lucy Heartfilia meets Natsu Dragneel and Happy, who are looking for a person called Salamander. After Natsu and Happy save Lucy from some trouble, the three return to the Fairy Tail Guild, which Lucy becomes a new member of, before they take the task of searching for a disappeared member, Macao Conbolt. 



Natsu convinces Lucy into forming a team with him, and they take their first mission together which has a very high pay. But a very high risk as well. 



Erza Scarlet returns to Fairy Tail to recruit Natsu and Gray Fullbuster to help her investigate the Eisenwald Guild, a Dark Guild banned by the Magic Council that is up to no good. Lucy and Happy also join in on the chaos.



Natsu and Happy decide to take an S-Class job, and drag Lucy and Gray along with them to the cursed island of Galuna. Erza goes after them to retrieve them. At the island, the group encounters one of Gray's old friends, who is trying to release a powerful sealed demon with the help of his team. Gray's past is revealed... 



Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray and Erza return from Galuna Island to find that their guild headquarters has been heavily vandalized. After speaking to Mirajane they discover that a rival legal guild known as Phantom Lord was responsible, and a few more vile actions committed by one of Phantom Lord's members leads to a full-blown war between the two rival guilds. Lucy's past is also slowly revealed.... 




In the aftermath of Fairy Tail's battle with Phantom Lord, Loke's past slowly surfaces...  



Erza's former friends from her childhood make an appearance and cause chaos for Fairy Tail's strongest team, primarily by abducting Erza and taking her to the Tower of Heaven. There, Erza and her friends must confront Jellal Fernandes, one of Erza's longtime friends gone insane. Erza's past also slowly comes into view... 



The group members return home after the harrowing ordeal within the Tower of Heaven and find their guild rebuilt better then ever. But this new pleasant surprise is cut short when Laxus Dreyar and his team start an inter-guild battle within Fairy Tail itself so that Laxus can become the new guild master of Fairy Tail. Makarov and Laxus's past is in surface...  



When Oración Seis, one of the top three dark guilds, makes a move at seizing an ancient and deadly Magic called Nirvana, an alliance of the guilds Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus and Cait Shelter sets out to destroy it for good.  



A mysterious woman named Daphne traps Natsu, Happy, Carla, and Wendy; while Gray has betrayed his guild all to fulfill her evil plans. 


The hyper dimensional transport spell Anima, which Mystogan has been suppressing, finally grows too unstable and sends Fairy Tail and Magnolia Town to Edolas, seemingly leaving only Natsu, Wendy, Happy, and Carla behind. The four (later to be joined by Lucy) then travel to this Edolas, a world that has counterparts to all the characters, in order to rescue their real time friends who have been converted into a form of Magic that the Royal Army plans to use for themselves. But to do so, they must fight against this greedy, all-powerful, Magic-hoarding Royal Army in a world where their own Magic is limited. The origins of Happy, Carla, and Mystogan also come to the forefront...  



Fairy Tail holds its annual S-Class Wizard Promotion Trial, a trial that allows for one of eight selected candidates the opportunity to become the next S-Class Mage. The candidates, particularly Cana Alberona, all have deeply profound reasons for winning the trial. With each candidate being allowed to choose a partner to aid him/her in the trials, there is sure to be lots of fun-filled action and excitement to come. But Carla has a premonition of utter disaster for this year’s trial, which is held at Fairy Tail’s holy ground, Tenrou Island. The sudden appearance of a mysterious and deadly Mage who can kill without touching and the arrival of members of the strongest dark guild, Grimoire Heart, quickly prove her right… 


X791 ARC

Seven years have passed since the destruction of Tenrou Island and the disappearance of the Fairy Tail members at the time. Macao Conbolt is the new master, and Fairy Tail is facing a major crisis as the guild's strength has diminished considerably.  



After the core Fairy Tail members have returned, things seem to have gone back to normal. However one day a mysterious girl looking for Lucy drops by the guild and brings with her a strange memento from her father. Little did they know that that memento is the key to the end of the world, even though it itself is just a piece to the puzzle. Eventually many different plotlines of both old and new faces and factions will arise and when tied together, Fairy Tail must race against time to save the world. 



Fairy Tail decides to participate in a tournament known as the Grand Magic Games to restore its rank. However the competition is fierce with the likes of the former Dark Guild, Raven Tail, seeking to crush them and the current number one guild, Sabertooth, headed by two Dragon Slayers named Sting Eucliffe and Rouge Cheney. What's more, a mysterious power seems to be lurking underneath the tournament grounds.  



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