Friday, March 8, 2013

Opinions, not review! #2


Fairy Tail chapter 322

Let me just say, this chapter is so wonderful & amazing. I've been waiting for these moments for months! I'm not even kidding. THANK YOU Hiro Mashima for not letting us down & creating such a great & touching GMG Climax. 

I'm very happy & glad that Fairy Tail won Grand Magic Games, they deserve to win! I knew it that they're gonna be Fiore's number 1 guild, once again! FAIRY TAIL FTW!
I'm ready for the climax of Eclipse Plan 2. 

OH, Before I go..
I can't tell how happy I am seeing Lecter back. When I saw the page of this manga, my feelings burst & tears just fall. I can't even. It's so wonderful... 
Power of friendship :)


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