Sunday, March 3, 2013

Opinions, not review.



Good setting, funny story, what ruins the moment is *drumrolls* MINERVA. YAY. Gotta hate Minerva so much like I can't even, bro. Gruvia moments are hilarious here! Gray's face lmao. But seriously, Minerva is pissing 'us' off since the first day she fought in GMG.  It's a very good thing that Erza defeated her. YES YES YES. Lol, I'm bored of reviewing stuffs, 'opinions' is a better word, maybe. Or not.. Well. 

This picture ruins my day thank you so much you sadistic little peasant you Minerva. I swear the face she made at the pic really really make me wanna high five her face. Lol if I caption it, it would be like this.

Minerva "Bow down to me, peasant, I'm the queen here."

Well pretty much.


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