Friday, March 1, 2013

Pointless Review : Epic Chapter!

First of all, this was worth it waiting for weeks. Fiore needs to see the true power of Fairy Tail, the strongest guild in the country! 7 years gap doesn't matter. And shoutout to Ultear for placing second origin. Expecting a lot of Grand Magic Games's climax!

Review : Erza vs. Minerva {climax}

The moment we've all been waiting for. DIE MINERVA DIE. In your face. Oh you go, Erza. So she wasn't showing her full power these few chapters before? Whoa. Feel the power of Titania! I couldn't be the only one who is glad that Erza beat Minerva right? I mean this is payback, for Happy, Lucy, Kagura, and Milliana! oh yeah~

Review : Gray x Juvia vs. Lyon x Chelia

 Not gonna lie, I DON'T ship Gruvia. Other people may ship them, I don't. But seeing them in this chapter give me chills. If both of them got serious, ain't nothing they can't do. Expecting to see an epic ending of this fights though!

Review : Laxus vs. Jura {climax}

Go Laxus omfg. This is so epic I can't even! I'd like to see the full battle with effects on the anime though, it'd be more amazing! It's so amazing that Laxus can beat the unbeatable Jura! It shocks me, I thought Jura is gonna beat him too. Feels great. Go Fairy Tail!

"Show no fear, youths"


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