Friday, April 5, 2013

Chapter 326 is so twisted!

Sup homies. Haven't post review/ opinions for such a long time.. I'm back posting opinions for Fairy Tail Chapter 326, which is also a twisted chapters. Gosh, what was Mashima thinking though.
Anyways, Reviews Opinions!
Fairy Tail Chapter 326 : Natsu vs. Rogue

Continued with Natsu and Rogue fighting.. So exciting when Natsu enters Flame-Lightning Mode, but seriously Rogue? White Shadow Dragon Mode? 
Apparently he got this power from killing Sting later in the future, like wtf? 

 Aaaaand, future Lucy is dead. More wtf. Natsu is overpowered omg, Well what do you do when the superhero got overpowered? The other hero is here to save the day! Yay for Ultear and Meredy!

And no, Natsu get dragged into the shadow ain't cool at all. 

Lucy is trying to close the door, based on her eyes, I think she's being possessed or something, I also think that perhaps opening that door isn't a very good idea.

I want to see Ultear in battle again. Her power is so epic, she's one of
my fave character! Rogue. Must. Die. No. Matter. What. Ok, this is the end, bye. Brofist.


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