Sunday, May 26, 2013

special review (not really) : rainbow sakura eps.73

review week~

 you might be wondering.. why do i review such a long-time episode?
 firstly, this is one of my all time favorite fairy tail episode, so there you go, why!


i even made the edit myself

I really love this episode because it has some funny scenes around the beginning but really sweet ending. I mean, oh my god. Natsu. He would bring the sakura tree to Lucy? now that's true love. if you're not shipping nalu i dont even know anymore. they're the cutest. 

I literally cried at the ending because it was sooo sweet to death i just.
excuse me while i'm rocking backward & forward in the corner vomiting on my mouth because all of those FEELINGS.

anyways, i'm really obsessed with this random youtube guy called Dan Howell lately, and it's getting really serious. I need a fandom rehab. I can see it now.

SEE? I Kept making his references
wait no this is supposed to be a fairy tail blog
ahhhh f*ck it. 


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