Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chapter 337 Review

Chapter 336

This is gonna be a short one though, but I love this chapter as always,
I complain too much but I'd really like to see this in anime version.

Whoa, finally, back to normal.
Believe it or not, I cried at every end of the arc.
Time for a new one! I seriously WISH they would never end it. 

Oh, they can't end yet, Acnologia is still there right?
Right, and it'd disappoint the whole FT fandom.
Anyway, love it when everything's back to normal. It feels so peaceful ;)


short rant, 
You know, when you like a tv show or manga so much, that you get to know the character, you get to know the OTPs, you get to know everything about them, and when it ends, you'll feel like..

I'm just glad that the manga is still running. 
I love fairy tail! :)


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