Monday, June 10, 2013

WTF?! Chapter 334 reviews

Chapter 334 : Sin & Sacrifice

Honestly, what the actual fffff?

is this actually serious? and did i mention that 24 PAGES ARE NEVER ENOUGH
Goddammit, i mean. What a horrible way to end a chapter.
I bet your reactions are like

well probably. 
Pretty much the other whole thing, like, Ultear & Dragon Twins.. I love them. It'd be even better if they showed it in Anime version. feelings.
I'm not a gruvia shipper but srsly. I'd SCREAM like hell if I see my 'lover' get shot in the head and none of us did anything. Let's just hope it's fake and Gray is totally fine.

I can't say he will be totally fine bcs he just got shot in the head wtf asdjlksgjsldfj.


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