Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I'm back. Reviews. (yay)

Okay, so, I'll be mainly talking about Chapter 343 but also about my thought at the end of GMG arc. Oh and this is my personal blog actually for school works. I updated it only for myself sooo, yeah. I'm weird.

[Ultear, end of the arc, mavis and zeref, and MORE plot twist]
that's roughly what i wanna type today.

I talked about it at the last post, but I need to y'know, empty my mind. I am genuinely sad about this but at the specific same time, I feel joy. I dunno tbh, I think it's really beautiful, the relationship that Ultear and Gray have. Oh and btw, I ship GrayTear (so you can tell how sad am i though)
And it's amazing how the mother & daughter both sacrifices themself for everyone's sake. 
Can you see the scar in my hand? NO, cause it's in my heart :(

Hmm, okay enough with the tears. The arc finally ends. As I always said, I always cried at the end of the arc. Well done, creator. So back in the business, Mavis and Zeref. Please tell me I'm not the only one who ships them? They're just COOL like that. And I honestly love them together (even though they're like dark and light) But anyways, new arc. YAY. 

Where to begin.. I literally had the 'chills' running through my arms when I saw this 'page'. I have no words for it. The whole chapter I went "Who the hell is this tree-guy?" but when I saw this, I'm speechless, dude. 

As you can see, my first picture on this post, is Minerva. Why...?
Because I fuckin hate that bit-,
I really really genuinely hate her all the way from GMG till now. Like, my hatred isn't gonna stop, even though she became nice and join fairy tail and stuffs, I'd still freakin hate her. She's so annoying, man! and sadistic. I mean, who likes Minerva? ... well if you do, then I'm sorry. 

So, yeah. I like when Gray had flashback about Ur & Ultear. It's touching.
.... That's all I got. I'm weird af. 
Don't mind me, I have no life.
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