Monday, September 9, 2013

Chapter 348 Review!

CHP. 348

OK, after long time break, I'm back updating what-so-ever.
I like the new arc tbh. But I genuinely dislike the idea that MINERVA IS BACK.
Meh, seriously, she's like the worst character ever. 

So, Lucy, Wendy, and Flare are so sweet together and they look great as a team. Goddammit, I love when people are messing with someone's memory. It's great. And that's why i love psychological horror. Realistic af.

Anyway, I dislike the idea that the 'heroes' have to be a kid & lost their powers. But I do love the idea that Gray is fighting 'Deliora' or at least that's what his memory says. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be like, Gray beats the evil dude, Erza & Natsu got back to original form, and BAM.

Don't have much to say though. I'm really looking forward for this arc.
M O R E  T O  C O M E.


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