Thursday, August 30, 2018

Typography - Exercises

Week 1 - Week 5
Kezia Lynn N. (0336296)

Lecture 1: Introduction & Briefing
29/08/2018 (Week 1)

We started the class with Mr. Vinod explaining to us the brief idea of what Typography is and some terminologies. He also explained the importance of our e-portfolio and asking us to make our own blogspot. He specifically mentioned the things he wanted to see in our blog. He seemed really strict about it as well.

He showed the previous students' blogspot in order to illustrate the idea of e-portfolio further. It was really helpful since I could always refer to other people's blogs in case I forgot how the formatting goes. Before finishing, he asked us to practice the horizontal, vertical, and circular lines and also to research uncial, round hand, and blackletter (for our practice).

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