Monday, March 18, 2013

BIGGEST PLOT TWIST EVER! Opinions, not review #4


Fairy Tail Chapter 323

Biggest plot twist, like ever. Yes I'm happy because Fairy Tail is winning but seriously, this is like so twisted, even more twisted than my headsets. I love the storyline UNTIL chapter 323, i don't really know but I just don't like the idea that there is a new character that involves in Eclipse Plan 2, BTW I'm not the manga type actually but srsly waiting for the anime is such a PAINNN.

first, Lucy from the future, all of them thought she causes that 'weird magic', but now there's a new one, and.. ROGUE? I thought Zeref gonna show himself or something tho, it'd be so cool since the last one I saw him is when he killed Hades. And I just heard rumor that the anime is getting cancelled (due to something) and I'm really going against it, if they end the anime, they also ended few parts of my life!

REASONS WHY F.T. SHOULDN'T END YET (Not just the anime)
- If Zeref is still around, then it the story won't be finished. 
- Acnologia still exists.
-Mysteries of Lumen Histoire
- Mavis and Zeref's past.
- More OVAs
- Last dark guild group, i forgot what does it called tho.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Opinions, not review! #3

FAIRY TAIL EPISODE 172 : The perfume I dedicate to you.
LOL this episode is probably a joke though, the 'secret weapon' is Nichiya like wtf lmao. 
And he's down just by one hit lol! Who the heck think Ichiya is handsome? I mean look at his gay face, this isn't double handsome, this is double gay lol.

I'm looking forward for the tag battle between Lyon & Kagura though, it'd be epic although I knew it's gonna be draw. AND WHAT I'M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IS 



Friday, March 8, 2013

Opinions, not review! #2


Fairy Tail chapter 322

Let me just say, this chapter is so wonderful & amazing. I've been waiting for these moments for months! I'm not even kidding. THANK YOU Hiro Mashima for not letting us down & creating such a great & touching GMG Climax. 

I'm very happy & glad that Fairy Tail won Grand Magic Games, they deserve to win! I knew it that they're gonna be Fiore's number 1 guild, once again! FAIRY TAIL FTW!
I'm ready for the climax of Eclipse Plan 2. 

OH, Before I go..
I can't tell how happy I am seeing Lecter back. When I saw the page of this manga, my feelings burst & tears just fall. I can't even. It's so wonderful... 
Power of friendship :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fairy Tail Moment of the week! #2

Gif credits to : chocobunssss at tumblr. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Opinions, not review.



Good setting, funny story, what ruins the moment is *drumrolls* MINERVA. YAY. Gotta hate Minerva so much like I can't even, bro. Gruvia moments are hilarious here! Gray's face lmao. But seriously, Minerva is pissing 'us' off since the first day she fought in GMG.  It's a very good thing that Erza defeated her. YES YES YES. Lol, I'm bored of reviewing stuffs, 'opinions' is a better word, maybe. Or not.. Well. 

This picture ruins my day thank you so much you sadistic little peasant you Minerva. I swear the face she made at the pic really really make me wanna high five her face. Lol if I caption it, it would be like this.

Minerva "Bow down to me, peasant, I'm the queen here."

Well pretty much.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Pointless Review : Epic Chapter!

First of all, this was worth it waiting for weeks. Fiore needs to see the true power of Fairy Tail, the strongest guild in the country! 7 years gap doesn't matter. And shoutout to Ultear for placing second origin. Expecting a lot of Grand Magic Games's climax!

Review : Erza vs. Minerva {climax}

The moment we've all been waiting for. DIE MINERVA DIE. In your face. Oh you go, Erza. So she wasn't showing her full power these few chapters before? Whoa. Feel the power of Titania! I couldn't be the only one who is glad that Erza beat Minerva right? I mean this is payback, for Happy, Lucy, Kagura, and Milliana! oh yeah~

Review : Gray x Juvia vs. Lyon x Chelia

 Not gonna lie, I DON'T ship Gruvia. Other people may ship them, I don't. But seeing them in this chapter give me chills. If both of them got serious, ain't nothing they can't do. Expecting to see an epic ending of this fights though!

Review : Laxus vs. Jura {climax}

Go Laxus omfg. This is so epic I can't even! I'd like to see the full battle with effects on the anime though, it'd be more amazing! It's so amazing that Laxus can beat the unbeatable Jura! It shocks me, I thought Jura is gonna beat him too. Feels great. Go Fairy Tail!

"Show no fear, youths"
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