Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chapter 337 Review

Chapter 336

This is gonna be a short one though, but I love this chapter as always,
I complain too much but I'd really like to see this in anime version.

Whoa, finally, back to normal.
Believe it or not, I cried at every end of the arc.
Time for a new one! I seriously WISH they would never end it. 

Oh, they can't end yet, Acnologia is still there right?
Right, and it'd disappoint the whole FT fandom.
Anyway, love it when everything's back to normal. It feels so peaceful ;)


short rant, 
You know, when you like a tv show or manga so much, that you get to know the character, you get to know the OTPs, you get to know everything about them, and when it ends, you'll feel like..

I'm just glad that the manga is still running. 
I love fairy tail! :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Yeah! Chapter 336 Review (boring)

Chapter 336
In order to live today to the fullest!

ok, this is gonna be short 
great chapter, everything's great
I sense a new arc coming. omg so excited i mean aldkslkfjsldjsd
i cant even ok. 

but everything would be MUCH COOLER if they continue making the anime one. There are some effects that would make it slight cooler and better though. Manga is a bit empty and kinda boring.
but anyway. victory. really. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

That was deep. ;_; Chapter 335 Review

Chapter 335 : The Time of Life

Honestly, this chapter was beautiful. I wish I could see them in anime's version. It'd be like, awesome. Everything in this chapter is beautiful. It teaches us, the value of a single minute. 
It shows how important time is, and how a 'minute' can change almost everything that happened. Ultear may not think she saved anyone, the truth? She saved Gray who almost died because he got hit in the head. She also saved Macao & Droy. Isn't that amazing. Her life, that one minute valued life, was worth of saving everyone. I learned so much from this chapter :)

I just.. straight love it when it comes to Gray & Ultear. I'm not a gruvia shipper, in fact, I ship graytear. Idk, I just think the relationship they share is beautiful. They might not show much affection towards each other, but  the bond they had with Ul, it's amazing. 

Anyways, I have so much hope for upcoming chapters. I just can't guess what would happen. 
I hope the anime will be back soon :[

See ya next week. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

WTF?! Chapter 334 reviews

Chapter 334 : Sin & Sacrifice

Honestly, what the actual fffff?

is this actually serious? and did i mention that 24 PAGES ARE NEVER ENOUGH
Goddammit, i mean. What a horrible way to end a chapter.
I bet your reactions are like

well probably. 
Pretty much the other whole thing, like, Ultear & Dragon Twins.. I love them. It'd be even better if they showed it in Anime version. feelings.
I'm not a gruvia shipper but srsly. I'd SCREAM like hell if I see my 'lover' get shot in the head and none of us did anything. Let's just hope it's fake and Gray is totally fine.

I can't say he will be totally fine bcs he just got shot in the head wtf asdjlksgjsldfj.

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